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Love Poems

diooda Want For Love Poems or Puisi Cinta (of indonesian language) about romance love poetry sad thing is that sometimes we can not avoid the love poetry of our lives. Sadness is sometimes arise due to a variety of problems, the most widely due romance and romance that makes so many human emotions aroused profound sadness.

Below is a collection of poetry appreciation sad feeling of love that is created as a picture of grief. Hopefully, this poem will inspire you, just do not make you more sad wrote ... lets go ..
Love Poems
So beautiful when we love certain,,
And so bitter when we lose ..
I tried to forget the memories of love it ..

Day after day and not feel the time pass ..
I can forget and eliminate the image of her ..
But that can not be forgotten,,
Only regret in my life ..

Because I had been ignoring her love for me ..
All the time he was no longer beside me ..
I really do not want to regret it come again ..
As I have found a new love. .

Sad love poems
Up to that point before the
I love him wholeheartedly
Despite having gone very miss her
I just wanted to meet Although only a heartbeat
But it would not have been possible
Do not think this should have been dead
And vanished from the heart ...
But he still reigns in the hearts trough ...
It should soon:
I'm sorry that was dim ...
not deserve an angel like you expect glory
When you close the door and do not give a beam of light, not what
Rightfully so ...
And may I crawl and you do not see me, not what

It's out there many poet who could write thousands of poems for you
And I'm just picking violets from the front garden
Outside there are many merchants who could showing even luxury villas for you
And I can only build the hut in the village ...
Even though he did not see the moon the sun it still gives light
And the moon gladly reflecting back by the earth so that no dark

Where feelings:
Destroy as if thorns tore my heart my soul
Destroy all the laughter in my heart
Why are you doing this to me
Why did you leave me when I need you
If you know this heartache
when you leave this sincere love
Only for one who never loved you
Where do you feel???
When you forget the words I said
It's me you're not human
You Said The Same Words ...

All that has passed
sweet head made me promise to deny themselves
promise that brings regret
sweet head to disappoint
make sweet head turned away from the heart

In each of my night sleep
asleep in the dark hoping for tranquility
tranquility and peace which I hope
just a dream

Because of serenity and tranquility
are within you GODDESS
I'm sorry for all the stupidity
forgive me for my neglect against you GODDESS
indeed to love, cherish and love you ...
Posted by: Angga Kurniawan
Kumpulan Kata Kata, Updated at: 21.43